Gökhan Gultekin

My name is Gökhan. I’m an iOS Engineer working at Spotify, consultant via HiQ, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 🇸🇪 I’m an outdoor enthusiast.🌳

I love being outdoors, especially hiking. One of the “best” hikes that I have been done was in Jämtland, in last summer. It was 10 days hiking and it was stunning! I look forward to being in the Swedish mountains again.

Besides hiking, I love bike touring as well. I think it’s also similar to backpacking but it’s quite different. Yes, it’s easy to have something that helps you carry your stuff but it has different challenges. My longest bicycle trip was along Kattegattleden but starting from Malmö instead. It was in last summer too.

What a summer it was!

I also started running a YouTube channel where I share my adventures. Since I’m quite new at film making, I would love to hearing your feedback and get your support!

Feel free to subscribe to the channel and share if you liked the content. 

You can reach out to me for any inquiries. I think the best and fastest way to reach me is via Instagram.