We are a community of outdoor enthusiasts sharing our experiences along the trails all over Scandinavia.

Here is the first adventure of hikethenorth.com! Enjoy reading!😊


Finding hiking trails is hard. If you are the one who hikes a lot, you know that is hard. Often you would need to explore the new one every other week. But… I mean… That’s the spirit, right?

It was the last day of the Spring of 2020. When I was walking on the beautiful shores of Galterö, that impulse just showed up and I thought that, I’m spending a lot of hours on the Friday evening to find trails for the weekend hike. I definitely enjoy doing it, however, why the others have to put that much effort to find beautiful hiking trails? The software engineer inside me said that let’s build it!


Well, hiking trails are everywhere. Yeah, we born in Gothenburg but it doesn’t mean that we have to get stuck in the trails of Gothenburg, right? There are gazillions of trails that awaits us to be explored. And I’m so excited to hike them as soon as possible. Aren’t you?

Jämtland, Höga Kusten… Hmm, Sweden? Maybe Norway? Or Denmark or Finland? Why not? Hikers are everywhere! What about Alaska? Kidding… Let’s keep it in Nordics for now. But wait, how we gonna do that?


As far as I know, I’m not a world traveller. I’m also not the only one who does hiking and loves sharing experiences along the trails. So, I shouldn’t be the only one loves doing that stuff. The answer is easy then; what we need is to find the people who loves hiking so much and are eager to share their experiences. Building a community! Could not image it without you ❤️

This is the most exciting part around this idea. Imagine that a community writing and sharing their experiences, ideas and stories about trails. And of course we might have a private channel where we can discuss these stuff. Exciting!

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Hey!👋 I’m Gökhan, obviously the first “Author” of hikethenorth.com since I’m quite alone here right now. I’m usually found in the woods or on a trail, being outdoors, and creating content. Check out my website for more details.

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